DHL to send Christmas trees to US servicemen and women

DHL Express is collecting donations from businesses and community projects in New York and making deliveries to US servicemen and women stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Bahrain.
All items will be shipped from Dees’ Nursery on Long Island and there will be a celebration there as well. Trees and decorations will leave the Nursery within an official police motorcade, heading for the DHL facility at JFK International Airport, where they will be loaded onto a 777 cargo flight bound for the Middle East.

Ian Clough, CEO of DHL Express US said:

"We're honored to join with the local community for this wonderful annual tradition so our US servicemen and women can receive a much-needed dose of holiday spirit."

This is actually something of a tradition. Known as DHL Operation Holiday Cheer, it began in 2004 when a woman asked Dees’ Nursery whether she could send a tree to her son in Iraq. The nursery were happy to donate the tree, as it turned out, but still needed to ship it there, which is where DHL came in. In the first year, 135 trees were sent. This year will see 5,500 dispatched.