FedEx thought to be in the market for wide-body freighters

It is being reported that FedEx is considering investing in 30 fuel efficient wide-bodies freighters to replace older planes. This would cost somewhere around £3.35bn going by current rates.
Twin engine Boeing 767s would allow FedEx to reduce fuel costs as some of its fleet is 25 years old. Fuel spending at the firm has been rising this year, so savings would certainly be welcome.

Boeing currently has a backlog of orders for 767s - the figure was 46 in October. It is also gradually replacing the plane with the 787 Dreamliner, but no cargo version is yet available.

FedEx is said to have had talks with Boeing earlier in the year about a freighter order. At the time, it was suggested the courier was in the market for 50 planes, including the Airbus A330. However, that order was pushed back.

FedEx has a worldwide delivery network, operating in 220 countries and employing around 275,000 people. It currently has 687 aircraft and 43,000 motor vehicles. It has operated in Europe for 25 years and offers next day delivery to hundreds of cities.