How do couriers differ from the postal service?

Some people don’t appreciate the difference between couriers and the ordinary post. Yes, both take items and deliver them to a destination, but there are significant differences in the level of service provided.
A courier is a more upmarket means of sending items to someone. If you have a package with valuable contents, you are far better off sending it by courier for a number of reasons. Equally, if time is of the essence, sending a document by post can be a risk.

First class delivery promises but does not guarantee next day delivery. Couriers do guarantee it, however. Furthermore, they also offer various timed deliveries. There is a significant difference between having something arrive before 9am or at quarter to five in the afternoon. If the documents are needed for business purposes, the latter scenario is effectively a day later.

There’s also the matter of package tracking. Postal services don’t typically offer any form of tracking facility. This means that once you have dispatched your package, its whereabouts are unknown until it arrives at its destination. In contrast, you can monitor every stage of delivery via courier as you are provided with a tracking number that relates to your particular shipment.